How Can I purchase BESI Products?
We count on our trusted distributors all over the country to sell our products. You can find your closest distributor on our Distributor page.
Can I register my BESI products?
Yes. Print this form and send it to us to register your products.
How do I measure a child for BESI securements?

You want the webbing sitting on the pelvic bone, so measure at the hips.

What information do I need to make sure that I order the correct seat covers?

Please provide the following:

  • Bus Make: Blue Bird, Navistar, Thomas, etc.
  • Back or bottom: High Back, Low Back, Seat bottom
  • Year of bus:
  • Staple, Hook and Loop, J-hook
  • Width of seat: 26, 30, 36, 39, 45
  • Color of Seat:
  • Type of Vinyl: 42 OZ, 52 OZ, Prevail (Fire block), Kevlar (Fire block)
What securements can I use in a car or van?
    1. We have one product that you can use in a car or van, Moore Support Vest.


Does every securement require a crotch strap?

No, only our Small Vest is required to have a crotch strap.

My students keep getting out of their securements. What can I do about that?

We would recommend our Safe Journey seat mount. It is our tamper resistant seat mount, if you already have BESI vests then all you need to do is buy the Safe Journey Seat mount to use with these vests.

Are your securements certified to meet the FMVSS 213 standard?

Yes, all of our securemtns have been tested and meet the FMVSS 213 standards.

Can I use a fire blanket as a stretcher?

We do not recommend using a fire blanket as a stretcher. It does not have a weight rating and can no be depended on to transport someone off the bus. Fire blanket is to put out small fires only.

Can the occupant wear a jacket or coat while in a securement?

On all BESI Securements we recommend when wearing a “winter like jacket” that you take off the jackets, the webbing should always be closest to the body. You may put the jacket back on over securement or have them wear the jacket backwards. The reason for this is; winter jackets can be very bulky because the webbing isn’t close enough to the body, creating more space which would allow the body to travel further and could cause more damage.

Is it okay to wear the securement with the zippers in the front?

No, all securement vests must have the zipper in the back per instruction sheet that is provided.

What is the difference between a BESI vest and a Universal Vest?

The BESI vest has removable inserts that are 2” and 4” to make up 6” for making the vest wider, and the shoulders are fixed in length. The Universal Vest inserts are attached, so there is no fear in losing them, and the shoulders can be adjusted.

Can I use parts from other brands securements with the BESI securements?

No, BESI securements have not been tested with any other brands, please do not mix other brands with BESI.