Manufacturing Capabilities

BESI-Inc utilizes cutting edge technology, equipment and processes to offer a wide range of manufacturing capabilities throughout multiple industries. By having the
ability to design and manufacture products at our three locations, we are able to
offer customized solutions to our customers.

Learn more about our manufacturing capabilities below.

BESI Manufacturing Capabilities

Die Cutting

Die Cutting Press – With a bed size of 30”x63” and a daylight height of 8”.

BESI Manufacturing Capabilities - Product Design

AutoCAD Product Design

This technology allows for processing of DXF drawings to digitally map products. These drawings can then be imported directly into our Cutting systems or CNC router which results in a cleaner pattern and a quicker turnaround on producing a product. This technology also allows us to design, draw, and create original product ideas into a format we can send to customers for preliminary approval or showcase how a finished product will look without having to build a prototype.

Our AutoCAD system is currently utilized for a wide range of school bus and automotive industry applications.

BESI Manufacturing Capabilities - Industrial Sewing

Industrial Sewing

Contract Sewing: Our sewing operators are versatile and accustom to working with light and heavy fabrics. BESI, Inc. offers a combined total of 71 years of experienced sewing.

Experience with but not limited to:

  • Covers:   School Bus, Van, Historic Vehicles Restoration, and Tire Covers
  • Storage:  Trophy Cases, Blanket Bags, Storage for Belts and Sporting Equipment
  • Medical: Table Covering, Chairs, Stretcher Boards, and Evacuation Devices
  • Padded Parts: School Bus Interiors, Fire Truck Interiors, and Wheel Chair Accessible Vans

BESI Manufacturing Capabilities - Wood Routing

Wood Routing

We are able to enter a pattern or design into our system by inporting DXF drawings or by drawing directly into the system to create a large amount of patterns, reproduced to exact specifications every time.

  • Material we are capable of handling: plywood, Masonite, Luan, MDF, ABS and variors other types of materials with a thickness range from .125″ to 1″.
  • Ideal for applications for but not limited to: fabrication, upholstery, furniture, flooring, and cabinetry.

BESI Manufacturing Capabilities - Material Cutting

Material Cutting

Pattern Design and Cutting

We are able to cut all materials with precision and process large volumes of patterns that can be produced much faster than hand cutting. With our modern cutting equipment we get precision and reliability, high accuracy is ensured to create duplicate patterns and measurements every time. To provide an additional level of versatility, we are also able to scan a sample and digitize it into our system to reproduce the item to exact specifications as many times as needed.

BESI Manufacturing Capabilities - Tacking


Computerized programming allows for processing of multiple patterns and exact specifications to be achieved on every product produced.

Applications our tacker can accommodate include:

  • Polyester, polypropylene, and nylon webbing with a thickness from .016 to .250
  • Vinyl & cloths


RF Sealing/Welding

This process provides a consistent leak-proof seal which prevents blood borne pathogens from penetrating in.

  • Ideal for medical and dental offices to maintain a clean and germ-free environment
  • Other industries or applications include outdoor products such as camping tents / hot air balloons, mattress pads, body bags & the swimming pool industry also automotive industry.
  • Child seat pads

BESI Manufacturing Capabilities - Slitter-Reroller


Capable of cutting rolls of different types of materials to precise measurements.

  • Multiple cuts along the length of the roll sed down to a minimum of 1.5″ width.
  • Can accommodate up to a 74″ width capacity and up to 50 yard rolls.

Material types include:

  • Automotive and School Bus
  • Tweeds and Olefins
  • Neoprene and Hypolon

To inquire about our manufacturing capabilities, please call us directly at 1-800-543-8222 or send an email to

BESI is Family-owned and a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise member. To learn more about BESI, visit our about page or our Facebook page.